Harper and the Conservatives do not share the values or have the right priorities for Canada and the middle class.

The middle class is struggling and the policies of the Harper Conservatives have made things worse. While average Canadians work hard just to get by, never mind get ahead, the Harper government continues to prioritize its wealthy friends rather than the middle class.

Engage Canada set out to determine how Canadians are feeling and thinking.

On behalf of Engage Canada, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner conducted a telephone survey from January 30 - February 9, 2015. 1,500 likely voters in 92 targeted ridings were surveyed plus an additional 200 oversample in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The margin of error is 2.53 percent.

A second survey in 106 ridings among 1,551 likely voters was conducted online from May 23 to May 30, 2015. The margin of error on an equivalent probability sample of the same size is ± 2.49 percent.


Canadians don’t feel the Harper Conservatives share their values, have the same priorities on important issues facing the middle class.


Across the country, we saw consensus on the notion that the middle class is struggling, wages haven’t kept pace with the cost of living while the rich continue getting richer.


The Harper Conservatives are associated more with big business and the wealthiest Canadians, rather than for fighting for the middle class.

The Harper Conservatives: they won’t be there for you.