Health Care: The Heart of Canadian Values, but not a Priority for the Harper Conservatives.

Few areas show just how out of touch the Harper Conservatives are with Canadian values and priorities more than health care.

While Canadians consistently rank our healthcare system as a point of national pride, the Harper Conservatives have been working to dismantle it. Their contempt for this system shows that the values of the Harper Conservatives are not in line with those of middle class Canadians.

On behalf of Engage Canada, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner conducted a telephone survey from January 30 - February 9, 2015. 1,500 likely voters in 92 targeted ridings were surveyed plus an additional 200 oversample in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The margin of error is 2.53 percent.

A second survey in 106 ridings among 1,551 likely voters was conducted online from May 23 to May 30, 2015. The margin of error on an equivalent probability sample of the same size is ± 2.49 percent.


In 2011 the Conservatives announced they wouldn't renegotiate with the provinces over the expiring health accord. Instead, they cut funding to the provinces so much that a shortfall of $36 billion is expected over the next decade.

That means provinces will be left to juggle increasing wait times and rising cost of prescription medications, right at a time when Canada’s aging population needs to be able to rely on government that will prioritize these needs.

Engage Canada conducted an online survey between May 23 and May 30 2015 asking Canadians to share their thoughts on the Canadian healthcare system and Harper’s cuts to it - the feedback we received was clear. 

*“The cuts can’t continue,” one respondent told us. “The Canadian population is aging and we need more focus on healthcare, not less."

*Another respondent said: “It gave me the view the Conservatives don’t care about the sick, poor and disabled.”

*“Our ability to address that grievous gap in nursing care is predicated on the federal government's equitable funding of the provinces. While Ontario has to address a budgetary freeze for health care funding that has undercut our ability to attract and retain experienced RNs, the federal government bears a responsibility for shortchanging the provinces." (Ontario Nurses Association, News Release, March 28, 2014).

The struggles of the middle class are not on their radar and this is hurting the country. The Harper Conservatives do not share middle class values and priorities. 

The Harper Conservatives: they won't be there for you.